Publication frequency

The TSR journal has a regular submission track organized in annual volumes as well as special volumes.

Regular submission track

Regular submission is open at any time for manuscripts addressing the topics within the journal's focus and scope. The submitted manuscripts should belong to one of the accepted publication types (research article, short communication, response letter, etc.).

The manuscripts that passed through the open peer-review and got accepted for publication by the handling editor are published on a rolling basis. This means an article becomes accessible as soon as the copyediting process is completed. For convenience reasons, the regular submission track publications are organized by annual volumes. The newly published article is added to the open volume of the current year.

Special volumes

Special volumes are based on extraordinary submission calls related to a specific topic or an event (e.g. a conference). Such call is always initiated by a decision of the editorial team, though inspiration for it might come from elsewhere (to suggest a special volume, get in contact with the TSR team). Generally, the TSR aims to limit the number of special volumes to one or two per year.

Manuscripts submitted to a special volume are expected to adhere to the same quality standards and follow the same open peer-review process as the regular track submissions. Submission to a special volume should not be perceived as an ‘easy road to publication’.

A guest editor(s) may be called to handle a particular special volume. In this case, the guest editor receives a ‘tutor’ from the regular editorial team who makes sure that proper training is provided and the decisions taken are in line with the general journal practice.