Digital preservation

Traditionally, the function of archiving published materials has been performed by academic libraries. Even if the publisher ceased to exist or cancelled the subscription service, the readers still could have access to the earlier published materials.

With a digital journal, the libraries do not have any printed copies to keep. Instead, they redirect the readers to the journal web-site where the materials can be downloaded. However, if the external website is temporarily (or permanently) down, the contents are not available any more.

This issue is addressed by the digital preservation services that archive copies of the digital media and store them for indefinite time accessible for reading.

The Traffic Safety Research journal partners with PKP Preservation Network (PKP PN) to ensure that all its contents are properly archived. Moreover, according to the Swedish law (so called E-plikt/e-duty) it is mandatory for publishers affiliated with the national authorities to delivery their electronic materials to the National Library of Sweden. Being formally connected to Lund University, the TSR journal falls under this requirement, too.