Reviewer recognition

The Traffic Safety Research journal partners with the ReviewerCredits, a platform to certify, measure and reward peer review activities.

Why bother?

Peer-reviewing is a hard work, yet it hardly receives recognition in proportion to its value and importance. The TSR journal is well aware of this problem and addresses it by acknowledging the reviewers in its publications (read more about the journal's Open peer reviewing).

A reviewer may also want to register his/her reviews on a trusted independent platform, such as Publons, ReviewerCredits or ORCID. There are some differences in how exactly the information about the reviews is collected and validated by each platform. The general idea, however, is that they provide review certificates that further can be included in the reviewer’s CV or used for other similar purposes.

ReviewerCredits is integrated with the TSR journal system, meaning that basically no effort is required on the reviewer’s side to get a new review validated and registered. It is also very easy to synchronize the profile at ReviewerCredits with ORCID, thus having all the reviews registered at different platforms collected in one place.

Read more about ReviewerCredits and in which way it is different from the competitors at their web page.

How it works

When submitting a review to the TSR, you may choose to also register your contribution at the ReviewerCredits platform:

You can always decide how much information you want to share:

  1. None. Just leave the checkboxes clear.
  2. Review data. This includes your name, email, institution, ORCID iD, as well as the manuscript id and the date of the review submission. With this data, the mere fact of the review submission is registered.
  3. Additional data. This includes information such as review lengths and the editor decision after the review round is completed. This allows to calculate some informetric parameters such as Reviewer Contribution Index (RCI).

Note that the actual review text is never shared.

To be able to see (and make visible for others) your registered reviews, you need to create a profile at the ReviewerCredits platform. Submitted reviews are assigned to the correct reviewers through their ORCID iDs and/or emails. Though email identification works well in most cases, we recommend that you login to your TSR user profile and provide your ORCID iD in case it is still missing.