Pre- and postprint policy

A preprint is the author's version of a research manuscript prior to the peer review process. A postprint is the version of the manuscript that has been accepted, but not yet formatted by the journal. Finally, the typeset version is the official version of the article published on the Traffic Safety Research journal's web page.

The TSR does not disqualify from submission manuscripts that have already been made public as preprints via a community server, author's or institutional website, etc. Neither does it forbid to share the postprint or the final typeset version, including through scholarly collaboration networks such as ResearchGate or Academia. However, the following apply:

  • The authors should disclose the details of the preprint posting, including DOI and licensing terms, upon submission of the manuscript.
  • The licensing conditions of the pre-/postprint platform must not prevent the journal from publishing the manuscript under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
  • It is the author’s responsibility to ensure that the article versions kept at other platforms contain the full reference to the original journal publication (including the DOI link) and are replaced with the latest version in case any updates are made to the original article.
  • If an article is retracted, it must be removed from all platforms.